Away Game: I Wrote Some of ESPN’s Bracket Projections

Hey everyone. Hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the Madness.

If you’re as excited as me, you’re looking for every piece of content you can between now and the first games. And if you’re here at Palestra Back, you must be interested in hearing what I have to say.

Well, all season I’ve been helping ESPN’s Joe Lunardi with some of the research and statistics he uses to project the bracket. Now that the bracket has been revealed, he and his team (including me) have previews for all 68 teams in the field.

I wrote 6 of them and the links are all below. You’ll need to be an ESPN Insider subscriber to view them.







Check out all of the previews over at ESPN. They should be very helpful when filling out your bracket.

Thanks for reading these and the blog. There’s a lot more fun ahead.

(Oh and check out the new signature down below…)

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