The Palestra Back 2019 NBA Draft Guide is now available!

Hello, readers.

NBA Draft season is once again in full swing! Each of the past few years, I’ve transitioned from college basketball to covering the draft after the national championship game. This year, I decided to increase those efforts and create the Palestra Back 2019 NBA Draft Guide, which is now available to purchase via the links below:

Palestra Back 2019 NBA Draft Guide

Users with a PayPal account can pay easily via credit card or PayPal balance by clicking the buttons below. The guide will be emailed to you following your payment. All others, please use the link in the next paragraph.


If you do not have a PayPal account, click here to provide payment and enter your email address. The full 25,000 word, 70 prospect breakdown will be emailed to you!

Now, given that this is not typically how I’ve shared content on this site, I’m sure you have some questions.

Why the $3 fee to view this content?

This is a very fair question. All season, I write dozens of blog posts and thousands of words for people who love college basketball to help them further enjoy the sport. I get paid for some of these efforts and some of it is done for other reasons. I love basketball and love to craft and share my opinions and findings about the sport. At the same time, it is work and at a certain point, asking the consumer to pay a reasonable price for valuable content seems fair.

This Draft Guide is, by far, the most comprehensive thing I’ve ever completed. In total, the $3 fee gives you access to profiles of 70 draft prospects, adding up to a word count that rivals some short books. In addition, I created more than 50 charts and GIFs to supplement all of the written content within this document.

If you love college basketball, the NBA, the draft, or some combination of those three and are looking for more detail, nuanced opinion, and interesting analytics before June 20 rolls around, then I hope what I’ve provided is worth the price of a draft beer, iced coffee, or the movie you’d rent from Amazon on a Friday night.

All other content at will remain free of charge. This isn’t a major change in philosophy or anything, just a one-time exchange

So what am I getting for my $3?

As I mentioned above, the guide features breakdowns of the top 70 college basketball players available in this month’s NBA Draft. It is broken into three distinct sections:

  1. My top 15 players are each given their own individual profile that runs through their strengths, weaknesses, how they fit in today’s NBA, and a group of similar current/former NBA players
  2. Players ranked 16 through 35 are then available in another section. This group is broken down a little less formally, with my general take on their skills and potential given in a few paragraphs.
  3. Finally, the last document introduces the players I ranked 36th to 70th in this draft class. Some of these players were given a detailed recap of their case, including stats and clips of their play. Others have just a few sentences explaining why they can or probably won’t succeed at the next level

What is not included?

Two things are notably admitted.  

  1. You may have noticed above that I said I’ll be ranking “top 70 college basketball players available in this month’s NBA Draft.” Good eye! Given what I cover during the season and the deep dive that I undertook after college basketball ended (plus my full-time job and other time restraints), it was not feasible for me to also scout international or non-collegiate prospects. I felt it would be unfair to you, the readers, for me to speculate on this group of prospects without having seen enough of their play to offer a valuable opinion. It’s something I’ve done in my draft work in the past (I ranked Luka Doncic #1 last year), but given the depths to which this Draft Guide goes and the investment I’m asking you to make, I did not want to short-change you or those prospects.
  2. There is not a mock draft in the document. I love mocks, but preferred to simply rank the prospects for a variety of reasons. Given the timing of this release, things like trades and injuries would have greatly affected any mock draft I created and immediately required it to be scrapped and re-worked. If you’re looking for a mock draft, keep an eye tuned to my Twitter page (@PalestraBack) in the days leading up to the draft, where I’ll be sharing more thoughts on potential fits and selections.

Anything else?

Yes! I want to take a final moment to thank every one who read my content this year, whether you do or don’t invest in this Draft Guide. Your interest in my work and support of that work drives me to make everything I do as good as it could possibly be. This Draft Guide is something that I’m very proud to have created and endlessly excited to share with like-minded draft nerds. If even one person enjoys the hell out of this work, then it was worth my time and effort.

If you know anyone who might enjoy this Draft Guide, it would mean the world to me if you shared it with them.

If you have any questions, feedback, or issues, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Twitter: @PalestraBack or @OnTheShaneTrain

Facebook: PalestraBack


Shane McNichol is the founder, editor, and senior writer at He has also contributed to, Rush The Court, Larry Brown Sports, and USA Today Sports Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @OnTheShaneTrain. You can find every post from this blog on Twitter by following @PalestraBack.

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