John Calipari’s Bizarre and Insane Tweet: A Study in GIFS

Tonight I’m sitting at home, switching between four different games on TV (Sixers-Warriors, Baylor-Oklahoma State, Duke-FSU, and the UConn-South Carolina women’s game). I’m starting to write a post here on Palestra Back (a post which has been sent off to live on a farm upstate with other mediocre post ideas). I switch over to Twitter for a moment and I see something odd. Kentucky head coach Jon Calipari sent a tweet that I reacted to in waves. The ramifications of the sub-140 character mess rattled around my brain and looked for something to hold to.

Here’s the tweet, followed by every thought that it caused me to have.

First thought: What?


Second thought: WAIT. WHAT?

what now

Third thought: This is amazing. I don’t understand it yet, but it’s amazing.

shaq laugh

Fourth thought: Ok, so is Kentucky player Trey Lyles not on the Wildcats flight to Baton Rouge for their game against LSU tomorrow night? He’s missed the last few games with an illness, but he’s been on the bench. His status for the game was considered “uncertain”. Like not get on the flight uncertain? Even if he weren’t going to join the team, you’d think Coach Cal would know that, right?


Fifth thought: There’s no way that Calipari meant to tweet this sentence. There’s no way a grown man who runs a major operation like Kentucky basketball could think to himself, “Well, I can’t find one of my best players on our team flight. You know who needs to know this information? The world. I’ll just tell the 1.3 MILLION PEOPLE who follow me on Twitter.”

twitter follows

Sixth thought (and this is an important one): Maybe Trey Lyles is on the plane and is hiding. Calipari says he thought Trey “got on plane”. He doesn’t say he has any confirmation that Lyles isn’t on the flight. He may be waiting for the perfect time to surprise his teammates. The Hiding Theory must be explored.

dog hide

Seventh thought: Will I ever have answers to any of these questions? Will Calipari delete the tweet? I should take a screenshot. Ok, that’s done. Now what? I think I should blog about this. The people need to feel these thoughts in their brains.


Once I finally reached the end of these thoughts and composed this post, I headed back to Coach Cal’s Twitter page to make sure the tweet had not yet been deleted, but I found this:

Well, that one changes things. That one clearly is more fun. He even used a playful hashtag. It would seem that Calipari fully knows where Trey Lyles is.

To be honest, I regret nothing. This post doesn’t deserve to be sent to the Bad Idea Farm upstate. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to investigate The Hiding Theory.

Shane McNichol is the founder, editor, and writer at Follow him on Twitter @OnTheShaneTrain. 

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