Tuesday Top Tens: March 10

Every Tuesday for the rest of the season, I’ll be posting 3 sets of power rankings: my college hoops top 10, my top 10 NBA teams, and a ranking of something unrelated. 

Let’s do it!

College Hoops

Also Considered: Iowa State, Baylor, Northern Iowa, Wichita State, North Carolina

10. Oklahoma

9. Utah

8. Kansas

7. Gonzaga

6. Arizona 

5. Duke

4. Wisconsin

3. Villanova

2. Virginia 

1. Kentucky

Villanova reaches their highest ranking of the season, while Gonzaga slides to their lowest. Oklahoma’s win over Kansas slides them into the previously vacant 10th spot.


Also Considered: Toronto, New Orleans

10. Dallas

9. Portland

8. Oklahoma City

7. LA Clippers 

6. Cleveland

5. San Antonio

4. Houston

3. Memphis

2. Atlanta

1. Golden State

Wes Matthews injury drops the Blazers down the rankings as the Spurs slowly continue to creep higher and higher.

Characters on “The Wire”

Tons of spoilers. Some NSFW language. I warned you!

Also Considered: Prop Joe, Tommy Carcetti, Stringer Bell, Clay Davis, Maury Levy, Ziggy Sobotka, Wallace, Gus, Dookie, Nicky Sobotka, Prez, McNulty, Chris and Snoop, Marlo, Cheese, Poot, Cedric Daniels, Butchie, Snot Boogie

10. D’Angelo Barksdale

wheres wallace at

D’Angelo is surprisingly relatable. He deals with nepotism, morality, maturity, and on and on and on.

9. Bunny Colvin


The only character to look at the crazy situation they live in and try to shake things up. Everyone else either lives within “the game” or gets hurt trying the leave it. Bunny looked at the game and tried to flip the Monopoly board upside down.



Bubbles is strong enough that most of his storyline happens independent of the rest of the show and never drags or gets stale.

7. Wee-Bey 

This ranking may be entirely based on the video above, in which Wee-bey confesses to three murders in exchange for a beef sandwich and some potato salad.

6. Avon

avon barksdale

That caption says it all.

5. Michael

michael lee

I don’t know that any character grows and changes as much as Michael, and he does it all in only two seasons.

4. Bodie


The ultimate corner boy. From killing Wallace to his own death, Bodie saw it all.

And he looks EXACTLY like Russell Westbrook.

3. Lester


He’s good PO-lice.

2. Omar


Omar gets remembered for being really cool and saying things that blew your hair back, and it’s easy to forget how revolutionary he was as a character. Not only the first among non-stereotypical gay characters, but one of TV’s first beloved anti-heroes.

1. Bunk


Omar is the popular choice here (He won Grantland’s bracket to determine the best), but for me it’s got to be the Bunk. He’s the funniest character on the show. He has some of the best quotes, both serious and humorous. And even when the show strayed (season 5’s serial killer story…), Bunk is the voice of reason.

I’ll leave you with one of the best scenes from the show, featuring my top two.

Now, I’m sure you all agree with all of this, so I can’t imagine any reason to comment on this post.

Shane McNichol is the founder, editor, and writer at PalestraBack.com. Follow him on Twitter @OnTheShaneTrain.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Tens: March 10

  1. Slim needs AT LEAST an honorable mention. You should have left Wallace of the honorable mention so I could have yelled “WHERES WALLACE” over and over again.

    Here is my personal top 10:
    10. Wallace – Went through about 5 different characters for this spot, but Michael B’s performance as Wallace takes the cake. Of all of the kids on the show, he was far and away the best actor and brought so much to the heartbreaking role of Wallace
    9. Dookie – Another tragic character with a heart of gold
    8. Wee Bay – Guy just loves his fish
    7. Prop Joe – I use “parlay” in my everday speech, all due to Prop Joe
    6. Bodie – Funny, charismatic, looks like Russell Westbrook, what else do you need?
    5. Bunk – Love Bunk, but he always was on the outside looking in of the unit. Just felt like a secondary character the entire show.
    4. Lester – The slow first season really picks up once Lester starts policing
    3. Avon – after rewatching the show it amazes me how so many people like Stringer more than Avon. Stringer was a dick. Avon knew who he was and stayed in his lane
    2. Bubbles – Agree with your analysis, just rank him higher. Bubs was funny, smart, flawed, and his ups and downs throughout the show provide some of the most uplifiting and devestating moments of the series
    1. Omar – You come at the King you best not miss


  2. Bored at work… Now for my top 10 WORST (combination of being bad people/having bad storylines/in some cases being such bad actors that they ruined everything) Characters on the show:

    10. Stringer – Great character, but such a dick. Thought he was smarter than everyone else cause he took an Econ 101 class.
    9. Anyone who was a reporter in season 5.
    8. HOT TAKE ALER: MCNULTY SUCKS! He’s an immature, self-righteous dick who made season 5 borderline unwatchable. Also a mediocre actor who overacts being drunk to an insane level. Nothing like the untouchable drunk acting of Bunk.
    7. Marla Daniels – How ya gonna play my boy like that?!
    6. Brother Mouzzone – Really gimmicky, never convinces me he deserves his reputation
    5. Frank Sabokta – Hated the shipping yard storylines, mostly because Frank did nothing for me as a character. The younger Sabotkas were far more interesting.
    4. Landsman – I just wish he wasn’t so fat and disgusting. Scenes where he is talking while eating food are unwatchable
    3. Bubs’ white junkie friend – bad dude, bad actor, boring and stupid character. This guy had so little going for him I forgot his name.
    2. Rawls – His character was necessary for the show, but god was he a dick.
    1. Maj. Valchek – I have never wanted to punch a fictional character in the face more, glad Prez did.


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