Palestra Back’s 2017 March Madness Headquarters

Hey readers! Even though this is something we did the last few years, it feels extra extra appropriate this season. I’ll be posting lots of content (and not just writing) here between now and the Final Four, but I’ll also be contributing a few other places around the internet. My work will be here and at Rush the Court, Larry Brown Sports, and ESPN Insider over the next month. This post will stay atop the Palestra Back homepage and link to  every new piece I write no matter where it lives online. The newest breakdowns of bubbles and brackets will all appear here as we march through March, in reverse chronological order. 

5 biggest storylines in the National Championship (Larry Brown Sports, April 3)

The 2017 March Madness All-Handsome Team (Palestra Back, March 31)

5 biggest storylines entering the Final Four (Larry Brown Sports, March 30)

Second Weekend March Madness Recaps: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Larry Brown Sports, March 23-26)

The Sixteen Most Important Players in the Sweet Sixteen (Palestra Back, March 22)

8 biggest storylines entering the Sweet 16 (Larry Brown Sports, March 21)

Daily March Madness Recaps: Day 1, Day 2Day 3, and Day 4 (Larry Brown Sports, March 16-19)

[VIDEO]: Chatting All Things March Madness on Facebook LIVE (Palestra Back, March 14)

We did it live! 40 minutes of hoops chatter before your bracket gets busted.

Five Players to Watch in March Madness (Palestra Back, March 14)

Keep an eye out for these five studs, who can carry their teams or cost them a chance at the Final Four.

10 biggest storylines for the first round of the NCAA Tournament (Larry Brown Sports, March 13)

Pretty straightforward. 2,000 words about everything that goes down Thursday and Friday.

The 3rd Annual Palestra Back Fantasy Shootout (Palestra Back, March 12)

Sign up for our contest. It’s better than a bracket!

I contributed eleven of ESPN’s 68 bracket projections, breaking down the good, bad, and ugly of every team in the tourney:

ESPN Bracket Projection: Gonzaga (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: Maryland (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: St. Mary’s (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: Wisconsin (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: Seton Hall (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: Marquette (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: Michigan State (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: Princeton (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: Vermont (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: North Dakota (ESPN Insider, March 12)

ESPN Bracket Projection: UC Davis (ESPN Insider, March 12)

The Case for Caleb Swanigan as National Player of the Year (Palestra Back, March 10)

My pick for the nation’s highest individual award, and my All-American teams.

10 biggest storylines for the (power) conference tournaments (Larry Brown Sports, March 6)

A little coast-to-coast look at what to watch for leading up to Selection Sunday.

This Week In Hoops: March 6 (Palestra Back, March 6)

The 30,000 foot overview of all things basketball happening in the first wild week of March.

10 biggest storylines for the mid-major conference tournaments (Larry Brown Sports, March 2)

Learn all about the wild conference tournaments that can make or break a season for the nation’s smaller schools.

Is The 2017 Bubble Really The Weakest In Years? (Rush the Court, March 2)

I dug deep into the numbers from the last seven NCAA Tournaments to discover if this bubble really is as bad as the media and fans are saying.


Five Teams Ready to Bust Brackets in March (Palestra Back, March 1)

Diving into Iowa State, Dayton, Middle Tennessee, UNC-Wilmington, and Monmouth.

Top 7 National Player of the Year candidates (Larry Brown Sports, February 26)

Maybe not the best players in the nation, but seven absolutely worth watching this March.

Assessing The Race For #1 Seeds Two Weeks Out (Rush the Court, February 24)

Ten teams for four spots. Who earned a spot on the top line?

5 bubble teams that made a big move (Larry Brown Sports, February 21)

Miami, Marquette, Michigan, Pitt, and Georgia Tech collected big wins in building their case.

Seven players capable of carrying their teams to the Final Four (Larry Brown Sports, February 15)

The best players on the best teams, all capable of streaking through their region in March.

5 under-the-radar college basketball teams to watch (Larry Brown Sports, February 9)

Come for the first for teams, but stay for a deep dive on Cincinnati’s chances at a deep tourney run.


Why Aren’t More People Talking About the Maryland Terrapins? (Palestra Back, February 8)

Despite a hot start, Maryland had some red flags (and still does).

This Week In Hoops: February 6 (Palestra Back, February 6)

A full recap of all pre-Super Bowl college football excitement.

Judging The Seeding Impact Of Major Injuries And Suspensions (Rush the Court, February 3)

Don’t be the person who messes up your bracket or player pool because you didn’t know about an injury!

Goliath vs. Goliath: Previewing The Battle of Kansas and Kentucky (Palestra Back, January 27)

Our preview of Kentucky’s game versus Kansas is still a good look at two top teams.


Who’s the Boss? Nigel Williams-Goss. (Palestra Back, January 13)

Learn all about Gonzaga’s best player and how he’s improved since transferring from Washington.

Introduce Yourself to Baylor Bears Basketball (Palestra Back, December 28)

Scott Drew has a top team in Waco, with an arsenal of weapons ready for March.


Shane McNichol is the founder, editor, and writer at He has also contributed to, Rush The Court,, Larry Brown Sports, and USA Today Sports Weekly. Follow him on Twitter @OnTheShaneTrain. If you have any suggestions, tips, ideas, or questions, email them to

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