Merry Christmas From Palestra Back

Basketball and Christmas go hand in hand. They always have. Over the years they have come together to give us so many magical moments. How about we fun through a few of them?

We’ll start with an instant classic. (For those unfamiliar with Vine, click the sound button in the bottom right.)

MVP: I mean, it’s gotta be JoJo, but don’t sleep on Hollis Thompson killing the dead eye stare on the left.

How many times did you watch? I’m at about 65,800.

Now an old favorite:

MVP: Chris Kaman can try as hard as he wants, but OJ Mayo steals the show.

Also I can guarantee this is the first of MANY times you’ll see Dirk sing on Palestra Back. That’s it’s own YouTube rabbit hole.

Moving on to one of the best basketball holiday traditions, Silent Night at Taylor University.

It’s a small DIII school but they pack the place once a year for Silent Night. No one makes a peep until Taylor scores 10 and then everything goes bonkers.

MVP: Gotta be the guy who started the “Block that kick!” chant during the free throw.That made me laugh harder than it should have.

Back to NBA players trying to sing!

MVP: A lot to choose from. Joakim Noah obviously puts in a lot of effort. Scottie Pippen’s creepy smile is great. Kurt Thomas is always a joy. Could Kyle Korver be whiter?

And what Bulls intern wrote this mess? “Eight taking charges…Seven back massages”?

Going with Boozer for MVP though. Good luck not singing “4 PICK AND ROES” for the next six weeks.

Speaking of Christmas songs, THE THREE KINGS OF INSIDE THE NBA:

MVP: It’s Chuck, obviously. This video makes it fairly apparent how Shaq was able to be in movies and release albums but Chuck will always just be the best at speaking his mind.

Also, the part at the end when they all start singing at different times is a treasure. It should be playing on a loop in the Smithsonian.

That being said, I know full well that I saved the best for last. This is, without question, the best basketball Christmas moment ever. Hit it, Sheed!

MVP: Not even a question. Ball don’t lie.

So in Sheed’s words:

“Hey, to everybody out there. Big people. Little people. EVERYBODY. From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year.”



Shane McNichol is the founder, editor, and writer at He doesn’t want you to know how many videos he watched of basketball players singing Christmas carols. Follow him on Twitter @OnTheShaneTrain.

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