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Welcome to the absolute best time of the year for basketball. March Madness is the most fun event in all of sports and here at Palestra Back, I’m going to do everything I can to make it even more fun for you. Bracket help, previews, recaps, jokes, the FANTASY SHOOTOUT, and so much more will grace the pixels of this little website I’ve got here. I hope you enjoy some or all of it.

This post will stick to the top of the homepage for the next few weeks and I’ll update every time a tournament related post goes up. 

Consider this a one-stop shop for Palestra Back March Madness content.

Amidst the Madness

TaShawn Thomas


The 2015 March Madness All-Handsome Team (April 6) March Madness is packed with so much fluff and filler. Finally, someone looks at what really matters. HANDSOMENESS.

Sizing Up the Sweet Sixteen (March 26) – How did we get here? Who’s looking ahead? What should we be watching in the second weekend? Wait, is UCLA still alive?



FINAL FOUR IS SET (March 30) – One more weekend to go. Who is taking the top spot?

FIRST WEEKEND IN THE BOOKS (March 23) – The spreadsheet has been updating all week. Do you still have a chance?

ONE ROUND DOWN! (March 21) – Half the field is gone. Where do you stand?

FIRST DAY IN THE  BOOKS (March 20) – Standings! Percentages! Sports!

LET’S DO THIS! (March 19) – Rosters are in, scores will be added and we’re off and running. Good luck to all 34 teams, even though mine is the best.

UPDATE! (March 16) – The Bracket is out so we’re accepting team submissions. WHO YA GOT?? To make life easier, there’s a spreadsheet in the Fantasy Shootout post with points per game averages for every major player on every team in the tourney. Or you can just click here to see that spreadsheet.

The Palestra Back March Madness Fantasy Shootout (March 9) – I think I’ve devised the best way to throw your hat into the ring and have some fun with the tourney. It’s better than your classic bracket pool and you can win some money. $21 to enter. Tons of fun to be had. All submissions due before the first game tips on Thursday, March 19. See the post for full details.

Region Previews


MIDWEST – It’s Kentucky vs. the world. Good luck, World.

SOUTH – As wide open as any other region, depending on which Duke shows up to play.

WEST – Wisconsin, Arizona, and who?

EAST – Villanova or Virginia? Or Cinderella?

Pre-Selection Sunday Preview Stuff


Nerdsketball: The Magic of the Ivy League Playoff Game (March 15) – I was in attendance for Harvard-Yale and every piece of it was amazing.

The Ten Commandments of a Successful Bracket (March 13) – When filling out your bracket, I’ve got a bunch of rules for you to follow if you want to have fun and win a little money. (Also, one of my favorite header images in PB history).

Exploring the Nuances at the Top of the Bracket (March 1) – As the top teams jockey for position, I explained the bracketing process and the scenarios that could shake out before Selection Sunday.

Pass the BATON: Exploring the Depths of College Basketball’s Best (February 25) – With so many intense games and little turnaround time, depth is crucial in the Big Dance. I ran through some of the players who bring depth to their teams this season.

A Bit Older, But Still Relevant


The 4 Teams That Are Going to Destroy Your Bracket  (February 6) – I went a little bold with this headline. Old Dominion and Iona won’t be participating in the tournament. Oops. Still worth a read to learn more about Wofford and Stephen F. Austin.

Hi, My Name Is _______: College Players NBA Fans Should Be Watching (January 29) – If you’re only watching the Dance to see future NBA players, this is the post for you. Scouting reports of four guys making waves on draft boards.

Ranking the Wooden Award’s Midseason Top 25 List (January 16) – This one may be a bit out of date, but it’s still a good look at the best players in the nation.

Gonzaga Is As Good As Advertised, If Not Better (November 19) – Anyone still skeptical of the Zags can look back at one of my first posts ever, which breaks down how the Bulldogs are successful.

Does Bill Self Wear a Toupee? A Photo Investigation (December 2) – I don’t know. Maybe you’re still curious.

Every new post that goes up, I’ll post the link and description here.

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